Backyard Motherhood Photography Session

Motherhood. Such a beautiful thing, so life altering, so exhausting, so demanding, so under appreciated. Tiny little hands always needing help, tiny little voices always asking for something. It feels like a lifetime will never be enough, yet it’s so consuming you can’t wait to get through another day. I know I’ll look back on my own experience and wish I could do it all again.

Everyone says these are the best days of your life. Maybe they’re right, maybe they’re just nostalgic. Either way, it takes my breath away when I think that someday they won’t ask to be picked up again. Someday they won’t reach for my hand to cross the street, won’t ask me to tickle them again and again, or ask me to wash their hair or tuck them in, or cuddle them when they’re scared or sick.

When was the last time you were in a good photo with your children? One that will stand the test of time and wasn’t taken on an iPhone? Don’t wait until you lose 10 lbs, or until your hair is done, or your house is photo ready. None of that matters.

Don’t wait.