Creative Coaching Session Info + Rates

Think of this as business therapy – I want to help you uncover your WHY and define what success means to you. You’ll feel free to create your most meaningful work and grow a business that gives you purpose and aligns with your values.

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Session Info

Starting at $125 per hour. Multiple session packages offered on a weekly or monthly basis.

Here’s what I bring with me  —

A fresh perspective on how to craft and execute a new launch, solutions to rescue an underperforming part of your business, identify your branding + brand voice (and what your brand says about you behind your back), help you out of a creative rut, increase your revenue, make a plan to best implement a marketing strategy that doesn’t feel sleazy or obnoxious, and create + grow a business that is heart aligned. Contact me.

This is for you if —

you need help to revamp your portfolio / website / social media to better reflect the work you want to be hired for.

you’re working too much / ineffectively / undercharging / are headed for burnout or a costly mistake.

you need help designing a client experience to better serve your clients and increase your revenue.

you feel like your business isn’t where you hoped it would be by now. And you’re not enjoying the success you once dreamed of.

you want to offer something new but want help getting it started.

or you simply feel alone in your business and wish you had someone to collaborate with. Being an entrepreneur is one of the coolest / loneliest careers.