Creative Coaching

Think of this as business therapy – I want to help you uncover your WHY and define what success means to you. You’ll feel free to create your most meaningful work and grow a business that gives you purpose and aligns with your values.

Starting at $125 per hour. Multiple session packages offered on a weekly or monthly basis.

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I know what it feels like to work your ass off for another man’s dream. From the receptionist to producer and finally to studio manager of a fashion & beauty photography studio in NYC with high-end retail and editorial clients. I was managing a small team to book photo shoots and at my highest point was pitching (and won) a huge RFP sitting in J.Crew’s headquarters to secure long term photo studio bookings for their Madewell brand. I was making more money than I’d ever dreamt of making by age 28. But it all felt unimportant, like a waste of my creative talent, and I knew it couldn’t last. We had decided to move back to Missouri to raise kids and live a simpler life closer to our families. It wasn’t until I started my own business and became a mom that I really learned how little I knew about myself and my purpose in life.

I knew I wanted to create art that was meaningful. I knew I wanted to use my empathy and integrity to run a business that allowed me to share my passions and talent. But it wasn’t until I officially stopped to write down my WHY that I realized helping others discover and work toward their purpose was what made me feel the most fulfilled. My WHY explains why I listen to podcasts to study how people live, love, and learn everything I can from people of all seasons and walks of life. It’s why I am a mother. It’s why I document weddings and families. It’s why I get up everyday. My love language is quality time, I am an INFJ, and a Type 1 Enneagram – my purpose is obvious to me now.

I’ve spent over 6K on business / marketing education in the last 6 years. I used to be a little embarrassed when I’d signed up for yet another workshop, or yet another class, guidebook, or portfolio review. But I always want to continue learning and growing as an artist, a business owner, and as a human. I’ll never be finished improving and I want to share what I’ve learned with others.

Here’s what I bring with me  —

A fresh perspective on how to craft and execute a new launch, solutions to rescue an underperforming part of your business, identify your branding + brand voice (and what your brand says about you behind your back), help you out of a creative rut, increase your revenue, make a plan to best implement a marketing strategy that doesn’t feel sleazy or obnoxious, and create + grow a business that is heart aligned.

Cassidy Parker Smith offers creative coaching for your business.

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