There is never a convenient time to stop what you’re doing, take time off work or your weekend, pay someone a month’s pre-school tuition to come document your lives, and hope that your baby / kids / pets / spouse / self / home are up to it. But I promise photographs make the growing up a little bit easier. One day they’re little squishes and you have to carry them from room to room, taking so much time and effort to feed them and change them. Every day feels never ending and sometimes you’re not sure how you’ll ever be free again. Suddenly they’d rather walk than be carried, then they’re off to school and don’t want you to rub their backs or smother them with kisses. I can’t remember anything about sleep schedules, or when my kids hit each milestone. I require photographs to remember my life. So what I’m trying to say is take photos with your kids. You will miss their bodies in your arms and you will miss them as they are now. Maternity, newborn, toddler, kid, tween, teen, adult, grandparent. Any of it. I love it all.

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