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In Home Family Session | Sherman Family

Baby Linus with his Mom and Marmee.
In home Sessions, you forever have my heart.


Baby Lilia | 2 Months


Mother of Chunk | Sammy Eason Portraits


In Home Family Session Shaw Neighborhood | Hill Family


In Home Session Tower Grove | Henriksen Family


Werenski Family Holiday Session


Dot and George Playing



A Sunny Winter Newborn Session | Baby Reece at 1 Month


In-Home Family Session in Shaw Neighborhood | Hill Family


Winter In-Home Lifestyle Family Session | The Kinsella Family

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Newborn Session at Home | Baby Jane at 1 Month

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Mitchell Family Maternity

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Motherhood Sessions | Julia+Henry

Julia is my first Instagram buddy turned real life friend. How often can you say that? She’s one half of the husband / wife owned Future Ancestor, a hip high-end vintage furniture and home decor shop down on Cherokee Street. We initially bonded over being new moms that made the move from big cities to suburban life in St. Louis. And now I look forward to our Moms Gone Mild monthly dinners that our new little group of friends has started.

What I love most about motherhood lifestyle sessions is capturing that quiet bond that a mom shares with her child. It was right around the holidays for our session so Julia had a neat idea to make salt dough ornaments with Henry. Which turned out to be a hilarious lesson in self control for a 2 year old. Over the next few days Julia noticed teeth marks in some of the ornaments. HA! And I love his face when he realizes the “cookies” they’re making don’t taste quite like he expected from his pastry school alum momma.

Thank you for welcoming me into your gorgeous home, Julia. You’re doing a great job raising Henry to be a sweet, smart, independent, curious little guy.

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Motherhood Sessions | Fran+Arlo

Motherhood. It’s impossible to explain how much changes when you become a new mom. Besides the obvious lack of sleep / personal space / free time, the biggest change is the love. It’s a different kind of love than you have for your hubby, family & friends. It’s a kind of love that physically hurts it’s so strong. You just want to scoop that little human into your arms, smother them with kisses, and never let them go.

My heart aches thinking that my baby won’t always be this version of herself. She changes so dang fast that in 2 weeks, 2 days [heck, even 2 hours], she’ll already be a different version of the baby I know. But that’s also what is so exciting each day. There is nothing cooler than hearing your baby laugh for the first time. And that squinty, gummy, pure joy smile breaks my heart. She’s so innocent and I want to protect her from everything. She’s the reason I get out of bed before the sun comes up. Sure, sometimes I’m not so happy it’s still dark out but I miss her when she sleeps.

I have so many questions I want to ask each mom I come across.

How was your adjustment into motherhood? What felt natural and what felt strange? What do you wish your mom had warned you about motherhood? What do you wish for your child? What makes your baby uniquely them? What fuels you to get up day after day with a huge smile when you’re running on so little sleep? Would you change anything about those first few weeks bringing the baby home? What do you want other new moms to know about motherhood? In what ways are you the same? In what ways are you forever changed?

I absolutely love that I have the opportunity to be invited in to witness such intimate moments, whether at homes like this or between newlyweds on their wedding day. And I’m so excited to share these visual stories.  Sorry dads, this session is for the mamas out there. Especially the mamas always behind the camera, instead of in front of it. I want them to have photos holding their babies while they’re young. I know there are a million reasons not to pay someone to photograph just a small portion of your family. But I can guarantee you these are moments we don’t get back. So let’s capture life as you know it before you both change and grow up.


Meet Fran and her little Arlo in their home in St. Louis. Where the laughs are contagious and a handful of Cheerios makes tears suddenly turn to smiles. Their house has such a beautiful and comfortable lived in feeling; one my own home doesn’t have yet. I met Fran a few years back and it’s so cool to see her as a mama. Arlo is one lucky dude. Fran is the best mom. And I’m sure she feels just as lucky.


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Dot at 10 Weeks | Newborn Photos

Wow. What a complete whirlwind the last few weeks have been. I mean, people warn you that having a baby will change your life. But until that moment comes, you have NO idea what you’re in for. So much love. And a whole lot of craziness!

Dorothy Lois Smith was born right on time on her due date, Father’s Day. What a treat for Drew! I woke up at 5am the morning of my due date with a stomach ache. And that terribly annoying phrase so many other mom’s tell you regarding how you’ll know you’re in labor — “You’ll know” — was so true. I woke Drew up and in his groggy state I am pretty sure his first few words were “Oh wow, ok! I better go make a coffee!”

It was an easy birth (all things considered!) and I’ll never forget seeing her beautiful, slimy, grey-purple face as she was first placed on my chest. For 9 months we wondered what she would look like and who she would be. She’s absolutely perfect, just as she is. How did we get to be so lucky to be hers?

Dot at 10 Weeks:

loves to be cuddled and held while she naps // still has blue eyes // wakes up in the morning with a big smile on her face // still isn’t sure what she thinks of baths // loves to be outside on walks // loves the car // favorite place is the changing table // hates tummy time // fussiest time is from 7pm – 10pm [or anytime we try to watch 1 hour of TV] // coos and loves to hear us talk with her // smiles after sneezing

To all you expectant moms out there, especially those that are also photographers. I missed the boat on a proper photo shoot of teeny newborn Dot because I was an overwhelmed weepy mess. I thought I would get around to photographing her myself that first week but between tears (hers and mine), nursing, and trying to fit in time to eat+sleep+shower, I just didn’t feel ready until now. Suddenly it’s 10 weeks later and I’m out of the crazy survival mode haze enough to pick up my camera again. And lo and behold, she’s already changed so much in that time.


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