Dot at 10 Weeks | Newborn Photos

People warn you that having a baby will change your life. But until that moment comes, you have no idea what you’re in for. So much love. And a whole lot of craziness!

Dot was born right on time on her due date, Father’s Day. What a treat for Drew. I woke up at 5am the morning of my due date with a stomach ache. And that terribly annoying phrase so many other mom’s tell you regarding how you’ll know you’re in labor — “You’ll know” — was so true. I woke Drew up and in his groggy state I am pretty sure his first few words were “Oh wow, ok! I better go make a coffee!”

It was an easy birth (all things considered!) and I’ll never forget seeing her beautiful, slimy, grey-purple face as she was first placed on my chest. For 9 months we wondered what she would look like and who she would be. She’s absolutely perfect, just as she is. How did we get to be so lucky to be hers?

Dot at 10 Weeks:

loves to be cuddled and held while she naps // still has blue eyes // wakes up in the morning with a big smile on her face // still isn’t sure what she thinks of baths // loves to be outside on walks // loves the car // favorite place is the changing table // hates tummy time // fussiest time is from 7pm – 10pm [or anytime we try to watch 1 hour of TV] // coos and loves to hear us talk with her // smiles after sneezing

To all you expectant moms out there, especially those that are also photographers. I missed the boat on a proper photo shoot of teeny newborn Dot because I was an overwhelmed weepy mess. I thought I would get around to photographing her myself that first week but between tears (hers and mine), nursing, and trying to fit in time to eat+sleep+shower, I just didn’t feel ready until now. Suddenly it’s 10 weeks later and I’m out of the crazy survival mode haze enough to pick up my camera again. And lo and behold, she’s already changed so much in that time.

Dot-Newborn-CassidyParkerSmith_0001 Dot-Newborn-CassidyParkerSmith_0002 Dot-Newborn-CassidyParkerSmith_0005Dot-Newborn-CassidyParkerSmith_0004 Dot-Newborn-CassidyParkerSmith_0006 Dot-Newborn-CassidyParkerSmith_0007 Dot-Newborn-CassidyParkerSmith_0008 Dot-Newborn-CassidyParkerSmith_0009Dot-Newborn-CassidyParkerSmith_0011

  • Monika

    Oh Cassidy she is beautiful!!!!!

  • Great Auntie Mony

    You are right, Cassidy. A beautiful baby is all you need for an amazing photo shoot! LOVE THESE!!!

  • Alexandra Ostrow

    You and Dot are both so beautiful. LOVE this post!

  • Deborah Parker (MeiMei)

    She’s so precious! And her parents
    aren’t so bad either!

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