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Winslow’s Home Saint Louis Restaurant Wedding | Molly+Dan

Sometimes rain backup plans include the sweetest, most welcomed surprises…like the Funky Butt Brass Band hiding upstairs and a second line parade around the kitchen of your father’s house. That’s what Molly+Dan did on their wedding day this April when the rain didn’t let up for days.

Big thank you to Winslow’s Home for being the coziest, most welcoming private underground space for their 25 guest wedding. They host small weddings and events in the cellar downstairs and it was so cool.


Wythe Hotel Gran Electrica Restaurant Wedding | Laurence+Ryan

Belgian girl marries American boy under the Brooklyn Bridge. Big thank you to the Wythe Hotel for being the perfect place to get ready together. And to the staff at Gran Electrica in DUMBO for being the most attentive and best wedding reception service I have ever experienced.

Laurence + Ryan // Brooklyn, NY

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Hip Brooklyn Restaurant Wedding | Lauren & Eric

When we initially met about their wedding months ago, they were hiring me when they were pre-engaged. Yes, you heard that right. They are each other’s best friend, equals, and had been planning their exit from NYC on their way to bigger, better adventures in Oregon and wanted their wedding to be a final toast to the city they love. And since they were completely trusting of my vision and gave me hours of time with them before their ceremony, we had plenty of time to wander Brooklyn and almost get ourselves into trouble…I mean, what’s a graffiti BK themed wedding without an authentic tag?

I’ve never been so happy for rain on a wedding day as I am for this day. If it hadn’t been pouring, we wouldn’t have found the YES graffiti under the overpass. Without the rain, we wouldn’t have had that gorgeous overcast soft light.

Lauren and Eric, I adore you and wish you all good things as you start your life together in Oregon. Please always enjoy Reggae Saturday and eat ice cream cones in your best attire.

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Brooklyn Restaurant Reception | Jess + Travis Part II

Jess and Travis treated me to a delicious dinner a few months prior at the location of their Kittery wedding reception in Carroll Gardens. It was a great opportunity to chat about our game plan and to help them finalize details so they could just relax and enjoy their party. They decided to get hitched at the NYC courthouse the day before so their wedding reception could truly be an evening of just celebrating non-stop with a small intimate group of their friends and family over lobster rolls, amazing toasts, and dancing. And since I told them that popping and spraying champagne on the steps of the courthouse probably wasn’t the most legally sound idea, I surprised them with some confetti on Saturday evening instead…even that almost got us a citizens arrest in Fort Greene haha.

From Part II of their wedding I learned 2 more things about Jess and Travis this night…1. when Jess said she pretty much only does lunges when she dances, she wasn’t kidding and it was amazing  2. these two are SO down to earth that when yet again we could not find a cab, they took the bus. The bus, folks! That’s how cool these two are.

And yes, Jess’s mom picked out this dress too! And if you missed it, enjoy Part I of their NYC courthouse wedding here.

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Intimate NYC Restaurant Wedding | Tom+Melissa

I have to say, this intimate NYC restaurant wedding is one of my favorites I have ever been a part of. They greeted me with a glass of champagne when I first arrived on their wedding day and they even chose to get ready in the same hotel suite (loved that idea!). These two weren’t afraid to break from tradition and I can’t thank them enough for that.

Meet Tom, an amazing photographer capturing some of the world’s most famous hip-hop artists, rappers, and athletes (I’m talking about Eminem, Pharrell, Dr. Dre to name a few!). Meet Melissa, she helped launch XXL, the biggest hip-hop magazine in the world and is the Creative Director for SLAM (and an avid manicure art aficionado!). I met Tom back in 2008 and I’ve always dug his cool tattoos and appreciation for working hard and making a name for himself. So when he contacted me to shoot his wedding I was both honored and so nervous – I mean, his work can be seen on giant ads on NYC buildings. But working with fellow artists and creatives is the absolute best for a photographer – they know the time / lighting restraints I’m working with and are very relaxed in front of the camera.