Nomad Hotel Elopement Inspiration | Annie+Dom

It’s no secret that these two love fine dining and bubble baths. So what did I do to secure two beautiful married people that I could trick into being my models? I bribed them with a free night at the NoMad Hotel in exchange for getting all dolled up in their own wedding attire from last year. Worked like a charm.

As a wedding photographer, I love the unexpected and that each and every wedding is different. A different story for me to tell in images. But earlier this year, I wanted a creative outlet and chance to photograph a type of wedding I hadn’t had the opportunity to be a part of yet…an elopement. So I dreamt up my perfect elopement based on the hip NoMad Hotel. And just as it had many months before during their engagement shoot, it rained on the day of the shoot…a styled shoot has no better weather luck than a real wedding. But the sun came out just in time for our sweet “ceremony” – and no, my husband is not a real officiant [but he sure does look cute up there!].

And funny enough, a month after I planned the shoot, my dream became a reality when I received an email from a real Australian couple looking to elope in NYC…and who wrote their vows on a note to each other, just as I had Annie and Dom do for fun. Crazy, right?

Big thanks to Annie and Dom for trusting my vision and for putting up with the confused texts from Annie’s mom as to why they appeared to be getting married again without being invited. HA!


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  • Kate

    Love this!

  • Karlena Manuel

    Cassidy, these photos are beautiful! Absolutely amazing! All the more crazy now that we found you to be part of our elopement – I just love it!

  • Cassidy Parker Smith

    Karlena! I know, right? It’s crazy that sometimes when you visualize and put a dream out in the world, it really can happen. And see, the rain always works out in the end. Can’t wait to share your wedding soon!

  • Drew

    WOW! These turned out so great. Awesome job.

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