Coffee Table Book | Courtney+Michael

The hardest part about photographing a finished book is not drooling on it…no joke. Ha! So many reasons to love non-traditional coffee table books for wedding albums. Let me count the ways:

[1] your wedding jpegs will be given life. you just spent thousands of dollars to have awesome images taken, so why not print them? [2] your book will be easy to view and store throughout the years…plus they look great displayed along with the other art books you don’t let your sticky toddler touch [3] a 200 page book can fit hundreds of your favorite wedding images…this book features over 250 images [4] 100% recycled interior pages [5] they are affordable.


Here are some stats and images of Courtney+Michael’s coffee table book below. They also ordered additional copies to give to their folks.

8.5″ x 11″ // 200 Pages // Pale Pink “Orchidee” Linen Cover // Full Image Dustcover // Printed by Artifact Uprising



P.S. This post is NOT sponsored by AU. I simply like to give credit to the lovely people there because I often get asked where I recommend ordering books. And while I prefer to design + order wedding books for my couples myself, I understand it’s not always in the budget. Designing and ordering a 200 page book takes a ton of time and a whole lotta love. Trust me, it’s taken me 5 years and I haven’t had a chance to make my own wedding book yet. I promise myself 2018 will be the year I make mine…I also said that in 2017. Perhaps an early new year’s resolution?